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G3P - The Global Gravity-based Groundwater Product

Groundwater is one of the most important freshwater resources for mankind and for ecosystems. Due to its fundamental role in the Earth’s water and energy cycles, groundwater has been declared as an Essential Climate Variable (ECV) by GCOS, the Global Climate Observing System. The Copernicus Services, however, do not yet deliver data on this fundamental resource, nor is there any other data source worldwide that operationally provides information on changing groundwater resources in a consistent way, observation-based, and with global coverage. This gap will be closed by G3P, the Global Gravity-based Groundwater Product.

A prototype for the groundwater service covering the period from 2002 to 2020 has been developed in the framework of a Horizon2020 project (grant agreement No 870353) and service development has been going on ever since. An extension of the period covered by G3P is expected in the first quarter of 2024.

G3P version 1.11 is accessible via various channels documented here
and under DOI

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